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I've been less talky than normal lately. (In part because of the new baby - sure)

I've also been working on a top secret video game project. Top secret that is, until now...


This is a big deal for me - not only is it to be an awesome iPad game full of my art. But I also have a share in the project. a big first for me. Normally I do the art, I get paid, and move on.

This time however, when Signal Flare Games came to me looking for some art, I decided to take a chance. I sold them on my vision of FAUST, The Fraternal Alliance of Unethical Steam Technologists. I pitched them on my 'wired west' universe (from which also comes the Tesla Rangers, and The Adventure Society).  They loved the setting and were very interested. And I could have stopped there...

But I went all in. I told them that they'd get all the art, the setting, and my buttery man-voice 'for free' - Because I wanted royalties.

I wanted to try my hand at making something that would actually keep working FOR me, while I was distracted raising my daughter. You know that old saw - "work 'Smarter' not harder".

So we'll see. Maybe it'll go bust - or maybe it'll be gangbusters. Either way - I'm doing this fearless.

I Guess I Have A Weakness For Dangerous Women

On Monday, January 3rd, My Wife Eli Danger had an appointment with her baby doctors. It was supposed to be a routine check up but instead the doctors decided that today was "the day".

Then they all put on sunglasses and said "Let's Do This" as they walked away slowly while things blew up around them. It was really cool looking.

Well some of that happened

Mostly the part where the doctors decided to induce labor. They had been monitoring the baby's heart rate, and normally when a baby moves, it's heart rate jumps. on this day, it wasn't. The doctors took this a sign to get rolling.

I was still home working when Eli called with the news so I raced down to the hospital and began the waiting game.

Eli's girl parts however gave no sign that they were informed of these decisions. Even after some hardcore medications had been administered. Eventually after almost 36 hours of false labor, and two close calls where the baby's heart rate dropped dangerously low, The doctors informed us that we really needed to think about the other options.

So at 11pm on Jan 4th we prepared ourselves to bring this baby into the world in the "Manner of Caesar"

I put on scrubs they gave me, and tried to calm myself with a special playlist of music Eli and I had built for the birthing room. If you Know me, you know that music is a big thing for me. If I have my way I'd do everything to a soundtrack. This is the true and actual soundtrack to the birth of my daughter.


Maybe not the best music to 'calm' me but it sure put a dramatic flair to my pacing in the halls till they came to get me...


The nurse came to get me around the time this track started... the prologue ending just as the doors to the operating room opened. I think this song was the only thing keeping me upright.


At this point I was sitting with Eli, a curtain separating her and I from the more gory aspects of was was about to happen. I held her hand and talked to her. the music in one ear, my eyes locked with hers. I told her I loved her, and this was all going to be ok.


The cutting began. Eli said that she couldn't feel anything, just the sensation that she was floating. I told here "Well you're still here. And I'm going to hold on to you as tight as I can."


It was at about the 2:19 mark in track 5 that I heard the first gurgle of a voice that had not previously been in the room. I look at Eli, "Did you hear that?" - "No" she said. Then there was a second uncertain whimper, then a clear and sharp cry before the next track started.


The first time I ever saw my daughter, this song was playing in my ear. They proceeded to do a quick clean, count the toes, and then asked me if I wanted to trim the last bit of the cord. "NO" I said. I didn't think I could stand up. They laughed and did it for me.

As they wheeled Eli back to her room, they bundled my baby girl and put her into my uncertain arms, just as this started...


It was the longest walk of my life, my first with Maxine Danger Wright

Total Running Time 27.9 Minutes

The incredibly uncomfortable asking for things

Eli Danger and I are having a baby. Quite soon actually. Her due date is Jan 4th, but the baby could be here as soon as 2 weeks from now. People have been asking about what stuff we need and baby showers and that sort of thing. I hit up the brain trust and compiled a list of things that would make life easier.

SO...  here is a link to our Baby Registry for those folks what would like to help out. No pressure - I am incredibly uncomfortable asking for things. I'm just not that kinda guy, but who knows - maybe I have an awesomely rich secret benefactor.

It could happen.

Steamcon and Superheroes

It's way past time that I post some update about what's been going on here at the art cave. First off I got an amazing gift from Jake Von Slatt, the master steamsmith of the Steampunk Workshop. I met Jake at Steamcon 2009. He was finishing off a panel on his cool builds and we (the Girl Genius crew) were moving in to set up for our traditional Girl Genius Radio Theatre show. And while Phil was sorting through scripts, Jake and I got to talking about my long and sorrowful search for a 'Girl Genius' Microphone.

Jake later contacted me to say that he had picked up a desire to build me that microphone - and this year at Steamcon, he presented me this sexy beast...

My new VonSlatt Microphone

As I carried it from the art room to our dealers table I felt all eyes on me. Like I was in possession of a sort of rapturous, carnal, steam-powered totem of WANT! Like I was indy, and around every corner another Belloc awaited me.

Next up I'd like to show off my latest creation - The Adventure Society membership badge

The Adventure Society is my take on a 1800's superhero squad from what I'd like to call the "Gilded Age of Comics". I'll be posting characters soon but badges - those you can get now.