The Art of Cheyenne Wright


I've been less talky than normal lately. (In part because of the new baby - sure)

I've also been working on a top secret video game project. Top secret that is, until now...


This is a big deal for me - not only is it to be an awesome iPad game full of my art. But I also have a share in the project. a big first for me. Normally I do the art, I get paid, and move on.

This time however, when Signal Flare Games came to me looking for some art, I decided to take a chance. I sold them on my vision of FAUST, The Fraternal Alliance of Unethical Steam Technologists. I pitched them on my 'wired west' universe (from which also comes the Tesla Rangers, and The Adventure Society).  They loved the setting and were very interested. And I could have stopped there...

But I went all in. I told them that they'd get all the art, the setting, and my buttery man-voice 'for free' - Because I wanted royalties.

I wanted to try my hand at making something that would actually keep working FOR me, while I was distracted raising my daughter. You know that old saw - "work 'Smarter' not harder".

So we'll see. Maybe it'll go bust - or maybe it'll be gangbusters. Either way - I'm doing this fearless.