The Art of Cheyenne Wright

I've made many comics over the years - I started in High School with a few that got published in my hometown news-flyer - they were one panel 'far-side' style weirdness called "The Wright Angle". (best of luck if you can find one).

in college I did a short run of strips for the school paper - this time comic was called the "Meaning of Lite" and was more 'bloom county' influenced - centered around a few Gen X collage kids. Here the jokes were mostly about bad cafeteria food and room-mate woes. I remember in one bit; the strip was being picketed by a funny animal rights organization -- that is to say, an organization for the rights of funny-animals, who were upset that no such funny-animals had been included in the cast of the strip as required by various cartoon labor laws.

Around 1993, as I prepared to move to Seattle - I tried adapting the strip, taking the main character Alan, giving him a last name (which had never come up in MoL) and making the comic about adapting to a new life in a new place. So Alan - became Alan Strange - and the strip became "In a Strange Land" (never published)

For a good ten years after that I half-heartedly made comic books that i'd never finish. I got a job working for Studio Foglio, and doing freelance art for the gaming industry. 

Then, in 2004 I saw a really bad movie. "Van Helsing". I had so much I wanted to say about it that I dug Alan up out of his grave and went to town. This time, Alan became Alan Arcane - a graphic artist - and the comic was ArcaneTimes. 

ArcaneTimes Volume Two - The Fogg House >>