The Art of Cheyenne Wright

I Have No Idea What To Say Here...

I've spent all of my conscious life trying to be a nice, helpful and all-around good person. I've seen so many of my friends fortunes rise on the wings of kickstarter and patreon, and I've done all I thought could to aid them on their flight

In that time however I've done a poorer job on myself. I have been working as hard as my mortal frame will allow. However, it has become clear of late, that this has not been enough.   

Freelance art is a rough life. It's full of feast and famine. Right now, it's been a lot more famine than I was prepared for. We in the Wright family are mired in intractable debt, sickness, and general despair, and so I turn to the great karmic reservoir that is you, in search of hope.

We don't have time for kickstarters, gofundme's, or even patreon. I don't even know if this website will be here in  30 days time. We need help now. 

If you  can give anything - please do. You will have our eternal thanks.


Anyone that can give $25 or more will get a signed art print from me - just include a contact email address and ARTPRINT! in the content section of your email. We will get in touch with you with a list of what we have.

Anyone that can find the means to give $100 or more will get to cherry-pick through a lifetime of my original art. Just include any contact info and ORIGINALART! in your donation message and you will  get an email or phone call from me to work out the details.

If you can't give any of these things - I understand. Believe me, I do. Please think good thoughts and, thank you for just taking the time to engage in another man's life. 

- Cheyenne