The Art of Cheyenne Wright

Attention Mole People!

Attention all mole people and those that live mole-people adjacent (hint that's all of you). I Cheyenne Wright -- LORD OF THE MOLE PEOPLE have been nominated for at least FIVE ENnie awards!!! 

The ENnies are an award given out at Gen Con each year in support of the years best tabletop games and gaming supplements.

If you think I have been a benevolent overlord, or if you are a surface dweller that likes the support of the load bearing bedrock beneath your homes -- Good News!


Go! Vote! If I were to recommend some entries that are good options for keeping your homes where you left them they would be...

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR - Deadlands Noir

BEST SETTING - Deadlands Noir

BEST SUPPLEMENT - Deadlands Noir Companion

BEST ART, INTERIOR - Deadlands Noir

BEST CARTOGRAPHY - Deadlands Noir Map: New Orleans & Hexaco

BEST MINIATURES PRODUCT - Weird Wars Rome: Enemies of Rome Figure Flats

BEST FREE PRODUCT - Super Power Companion: Villain Supplement

--- All of these were crafted with pride in the Dark warrens of Moletopia. Show your Civic Pride/Fear and VOTE!


In other news...

About a month ago I was approached by some people putting on a steampunk charity ball. They wanted to collect some video from celebrities from around the the steampunk community to just say "hello" to the attendees. Never one to follow direction too well, this is what they got from me...