The Art of Cheyenne Wright

The Package

As I opened the package that came today, Maxine saw me pull out a book she had never seen before. 

"BOO-k!" she said excitedly and rushed to get a closer look 

"Yes" I said "a very special book... daddy read this book a LOT growing up."

"Because, when I was your age my mom used to read it to me -- and before that, when MY mom was your age -- her mom, who had the same name as you do, she read it to her..."

"...and now it's my turn to read it to you..." 

Sliding the book out of it's slipcase, Maxine's eyes widened as she saw the green faux leather cover criss-crossed with red and gold foil embossing. 

Then I leaned in close and in my deepest, most wizardly daddy-voice I whispered the name of the book.

Photo May 03, 2 11 19 PM.jpg

Looking into her face, I tried to see the thoughts in her head as she considered this new word. One that she had never heard before. A word that right now without context, could mean Anything, Anywhere... her eyes twinkled with wonder like there was a chorus of angels singing to her that only she could hear -- 

Then in her halting, tiny little voice, she whispered it back to me.


- And suddenly, I heard them too.