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The Girl Genius Reprint Frenzy

So let me tell you about this - and just leave it at that.

Phil & Kaja Foglio - the people that pay my rent - are trying to fundraise to print the new volume of Girl Genius

It hit the goal on day two - and is now deep into stretch goal territory. Now the focus moves to reprinting older books. Many of the (HUGO award winning) Girl Genius volumes have gone out of print in the last year and with the power of 'stretch goals' we (you and me) can fix that. 

This is a very short round of fundraising so that they have the time to get them printed for SDCC - the past 5 days have been great - and I think they may have reached all the people that follow Girl Genius regularly and I want to try and reach out to the 'fan adjacent'. Folks that might want to know about this - but who don't check the Girl Genius website regularly - or who don't follow them on social media. (there are so many new possible vectors of infection out there and only a few days left to attract their attention)

well that's all I have to say. here's the link.