The Art of Cheyenne Wright


One of the most common questions I get at conventions is "Are you Phil Foglio?". The next question is less common, and much more complicated -- "When do we get more ArcaneTimes?"

It's a hard question complicated by two real life problems.

  1. I needed to make sure that I spend my time on things that made sense for a freelance artist to be spending his time on.
  2. I don't think I can write it anymore on my own. I'm just not 'that guy' that can script the big flowing thing that the rest of this story needs to be to make me happy. Not on my own. 

It's that last one that was such a problem. I felt I needed a co-writer. Someone that 'got' the concept and had the enthusiasm to keep me excited about it too. Without that -- Alan Arcane would be lost to that otherplace for a long, long time.

Or so I thought.


It's now eight years past time I posted a comic, and still no co-writer. but I've started writing again anyway. Where once I was crippled with self doubt and the weight of lost time - I am now inspired by it. Don't get me wrong. There is still a lot that needs to be done to get back on track. I'm not going to draw a single page till i have a whole trade-paperbacks worth of writing done. I need to know where I'm going this time. 

Also the website is hosted on Squarespace now -- and they have ZERO support for webcomics, I don't know if that's just an oversight - I've made several attempts to edit and change the layout to a workable comic format using my limited html/css skills. But it's still not right, I'm probably going to need to call in a pro.

If anyone from Squarespace is reading this - call me (you have my number) you are missing out on a HUGE demographic here. 

Alan is out there, waiting. And soon, I'm sure, the stars will be right.


- Cheyenne