The Art of Cheyenne Wright

Hiatus '06

Hello Friends,

First off let me say that Girl Genius Radio Theatre is alive and kicking. We've just taken some time off from conventions this year. This however, has impacted our recording schedule. Me and the rest of the Galvanic Players will be back eventually. Once we've had a chance to get some new episodes in the can.

Our only con appearances this year will be San Diego Comic Con, which is a great con... But provides no real 'space' for us to do our show. Phil and I will also be at Dragoncon in Atlanta. I've never been to Dragoncon, but I hear it's an amazing convention. They even have a podcasting track, being put together by Mur Lafferty of Geek Fu Action Grip. So look for me there.

In the meantime you can get your Girl Genius fix by reading Girl Genius Online and of course... Why not give my very own Arcanetimes webcomic a read while you are at it.