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Cactoid Jim

Sometimes you need to take a break from all the stuff you are supposed to be working on and just make a piece of art for yourself. This is one of those. 


I've been listening to a lot of "Thrilling Adventure Hour" this week. A podcast that has  apparently been around for years, but for some reason no one told me about it.

It's amazing, funny, smart, star-studded, brilliant, gross, and ...from Earth. Had I known about it earlier I would have started a campaign for it to be nominated for a HUGO award. Because it deserves one. Maybe next year.

The show bears a strong likeness to the old timey Girl Genius Radio Theatre podcasts we used to do way back when (ten years ago?) and fill me with a mighty urge to do them again. Adding to them the many other things I've concocted over the years, Doc Einstein: The Quantum Man, the Tesla Rangers, the Adventure Society. Apex :Ape Super Scientist, Chronopol, Silver Spector... and on and on.

My brain holds too much stuff for me to write and draw and get out into the world. Especially on my own. I need cadres- cohorts. Without them I fear I am doomed to watch from the sidelines and think about what might have been. 


The World of Steam

and here is the final color version


This is for a film project put together by a good friend of mine Matt Yang King - you can read more about The Clockwork Heart or The World of Steam at --

and follow them on facebook at

They've submitted to be in the Sundance film festival - which if they are accepted - will be super awesome.

New Art Prints - Wave A

I'll be a Guest of Honor at ConTemporal in North Carolina next weekend (


) - June 21st - 24th. I've decided to try a new thing (new for me that is). I'm making some limited edition art prints to have at the convention. Each print is limited to 100 copies, on 11x17 cardstock, and I will be selling them for only $10. Based on how well these do, I may be adding new prints for San Deigo Comic-Con and GenCon - both conventions I will also be attending this year.

Mur Lafferty's Heaven


I've been working on a side project with author Mur LaffertyMur's much lauded Afterlife Series is about to see it's first paper print edition, and as part of the production we dusted off an old idea I've been kicking around to do a set of old time luggage labels for the book. Here are some peeks at two of them.


I hope to do more such labels in the future - expanding into other universes *cough* Girl Genius *cough*