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Bombshells Away!

I just got the nod from the powers that be to announce what those last three pin-up are actually for. This summer Pinnacle Entertainment is revamping (see what i did there?) it's "Weird Wars 2" setting. For those that don't remember, "Weird Wars 2" is a WWII Horror RPG setting, originally published for d20 but now is making it's Savage Worlds debut.

Think Band of Brothers vs. Dracula, and you get the main idea.

For one of the support products, they wanted to make a set of poker chips. I pitched my idea of using SpoOoky girl bomber art. Each one was dressed up to look like something you'd see painted on the nose of a B1 - I call them my "Bloody Bombshell Beauties"


I don't have any product shots - or a link to send you to right now; Nothing is "out" yet. But I will make another a big noise once I have somewhere to point you and your valueless unspent cashy money

Ice Witch


and here's that last of the ones I have "ready to post" a Russian Ice Witch (a clue maybe?) the others I have, reside only in my sketchbook (for now). A she-creature from the black lagoon, wolf-woman, vampires, mummies, grim reapers, Frankenstein brides... etc. All to come