The Art of Cheyenne Wright

Post #ECCC2018 report.

I had intended to produce a new sketchbook for this con - but a combo of personal doctor visits, other peoples kickstarter emergencies, and general life stuff drained me of any personal production time and as the con grew closer it was clear I was NOT going to get anything new on the table. So I went into the con resigned to just having old stock prints and not expecting much.

In the end I was pleasantly surprised. Sales were good enough that they compensated for not staying home and working, and I got some additional non transactional bonuses like seeing old friends, and making a few new ones.

I had a IRL meeting with Goblins creator Tarol Hunt and talk shop about the comic we do together and help playtest his game - as well as have dinner with him, his wife Danielle Stephens and one of the other forces behind the oncoming Goblins Animated project, the multi talented Phil LaMarr . All that was missing was my good friend Matt King for true epicness.

My one true feeling of sadness was the fact that my wife and daughter could not attend as money was just too tight to buy the badges in the weeks prior to the con. But then on the last day, they came down to the convention center just to look at the cosplay in the lobby and got handed two free badges from a gent that had extra. So much fate.