The Art of Cheyenne Wright

Like a video game

"What if this world IS a simulation. Like a video game."

I spent all day today in cognitive dissonance. Feeling sorrow and anger over the events in Orlando while watching the E3 live feed of people in LA drooling over the latest video game shoot'em up. (while I painted blood and gore for the latest RPG project that pays my rent)

VR was all the rage at E3 today, and I started thinking about Elon Musk's comments about the very high chance that we are not in a real world but a simulation of one made by some other culture. About seven hours in as the crowd cheered for the latest installment of GOD OF WAR - I had a moment of clarity..

"What if this world IS a simulation. Like a video game. But we aren't here for 'fun'. We were put here because we are too toxic for the rest of society. We are a penal colony of killers and war mongers. Forced to live desperate lives, filled with hate and despair, over and over, until we can prove that we don't want it anymore. Our only way out to find the true path of peace, wisdom, and forgiveness."

This thought was immediately followed by "Oh... we are fucked"