The Art of Cheyenne Wright

Ask Me About My Evil Plan

So as an update to the events of the last few weeks - Thanks to the outpouring of goodwill, I've navigated the good ship Arcanetimes away from the shallow reefs into more open (if still shark infested) waters.

The items we were waiting on for shipping the rest of the 'thank you' art prints have finally arrived and the packing of those items has begun in earnest. If you asked for an art print - but haven't responded to our "which one" emails (or if you didn't see such a communication) now would be a good time to get in touch again. 

Next up is contacting everyone that wanted a piece of original art. I'll be spending my downtime selecting from my backlog of art and trying to match it up with each person's request, as best I can. Fair warning - most of my physical art is five years old or older. Once I acquired my WACOM Cintiq in 2010 I pretty much went full digital from then on out.

Elsewhere I've launched my official PATREON campaign yesterday, with a goofy video about me as a despotic supervillain. Which is totally not true I am merely a benevolent scientist, with a vision for a better world. All of them... better worlds.. .

Also up in my youTube channel I'm working a video tutorial series on how I do art. The first test is a short video on how I color Agatha's hair for Girl Genius.  

Hilariously - youtube is just as bad at understanding what it is that I do as everyone I've ever met at a party and told "I'm a Colorist". Perhaps it's just me, but all the other videos that appear in the sidebar are about the hair dye process -- Le Sigh

As frustrating as it is, I've been enjoying working with video and want to keep it up. So I'll be doing more tutorials like it in the future -- if anyone has a better idea for a name for the series and how to beat Big Haircare's SEO, let me know.