The Art of Cheyenne Wright

Put the Fun in Funding


Hey all - I'm back from SteamCon and hard at work at my digital drawing table trying to make everyone happy with glittering new art. While I finish up Illo's for Deadlands Noir andUnexploded Cow I've also let my self get roped into a few other crowdfunded projects --

First off the Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release (at the time I write this) has only 9 days left. It's already hit it's funding goal, but we have plenty of strech goal minis that I am dying to see get unlocked. 


Next there is The World of Steam - a webvideo project best discribed as a steampunk Twilight Zone -- WoS has about 17 days left to get it's funding and every little bit helps. Give it a look if you are a fan of Steampunk, the Twilight Zone, or Indie productions that want to bypass the traditional hollywood system and try and bring to the screen what people want -- intead of what mega-corps say we want. 

Lastly for all of you in the Pacific NorthWest I'll be at ZOECon this weekend (Nov 9-11 2012) Running some Deadland Noir games signing books and maybe selling some original art (I need to do some in-person fund-raising since Kickstarter doesn't accept "I NEED a Dentist" as a viable project)