The Art of Cheyenne Wright

Wandering in a dreamy haze

That's what the past few days have been. A fluffy candy spun haze. I've had a really good week.

Soon it will rain and turn all this sweet goodness into a tacky gooey morass from which nothing can escape. a freelancer roach motel if you will.

But today, it's good.

  • Hugo Awards Nominations just came out and I'm on it! Not for that odd "fan writer" suggestion that was bouncing around, but for "Best Graphic Story" as a part of the creative team on Girl Genius ( Vol 8 now available for preorder ). Ostensibly this is my 3rd such nomination via Girl Genius - but it's the first time they listed me by name on the ballot. Our chances are slim - we are pitted against "Fables" , "Y: The Last Man", and "the Joss" but maybe their awesomeness will split the vote.

  • I'm almost done with the first wave of art I was contracted for, for Champions Online. Almost 4 weeks(!) earlier than we expected

  • The new (march 20th) episode of PseudoPod has posted with a story I read for them. "Bait" is my 7th story for PseudoPod. I really enjoy reading for podcasts like PseudoPod, PodCastle, and EscapePod. I maintain a feed called ArcaneRadio tracking all such podcast works.  and if you folks give it a listen and like it, please leave a note in their comment section - it goes a long way to asking me back to do more stories. And Authors - ask for me by name.

  • And, the City of Heroes issue 14 has hit open beta, Issue 14 is titled "Architect" and lets players design missions for the general CoH population to play. I've been trying to brainstorm ideas all week.