The Art of Cheyenne Wright

The Stars are Right

The burbling gibbous voices that murmur in my ears, and in the darkest places of my mind, have begun to coalesce into a chant. Arcane words of immense horror.

I toss and turn in my bed, awaking in a cold sweat with the dreadful knowledge that something is in the room with me - standing just out of the reach of the pale starlight. There is only the wind through the trees outside my window, and the distant sound of traffic.

"it's only a nightmare" I tell myself as I shut the double paned window, drenching the room into a tomb-like silence. Then set my will to once more find purchase in that crumbling bit earth of earth we call dreamland.

Then, in that horrible silence I hear it! A scrapping sound like chitinous bone on... (or in?) the drywall, and a whisper

"ia Ry'ftrac! ia Ry'ftrac! ia Ry'ftrac!"

Who will help me face the beast? Mike Nelson, Bill Corbet, and Kevin Murphy will. Also willing to fight the lurker in the walls -- my new 40" HD tv. I can do it alone -- but it's always good to bring a bunch of extra investigators as backup/snacks.

"But how can we fight this nameless horror?" you ask...

go ahead... ask.

I can wait...

Why... I never thought you'd ask! With our OWN unspeakable horror.
That is to say --

Pirates of the Caribbean!
The most adorable pirates you've ever seen take to the high seas to do battle with an army of walking skeletons to see who is thinner. With a team consisting of Keira Knightley, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom they can't possibly lose! Oscar award winning actor Geoffrey Rush gives it his all -- that is -- he does his best impression of an Oscar award winning actor working as a pirate mascot standing outside a Long John Silver's at a strip mall in Oakbrook, Illinois, and respected actor Jonathan Pryce as the girlish British governor does his best to strip himself of the descriptive "respected".

next Saturday night September 20th at 8pm
at the "new" Fogg House -- call for directions if needed.

And do let me know that you are coming, so I can make sure that there
is enough booty for everyone

... booty

... subtext