The Art of Cheyenne Wright

I need help

Does anyone out there know a Mr. Kaden Harris of Vancouver, BC?

Sometime ago I contracted him to build me a "Girl Genius" steampunk microphone. He sent me pics of it as it was near completion. Pictures that he still features on his web site....

I paid him for his fine work and never received the device. It's almost 3 years later, and he hasn't responded to my emails or phone calls in over two of those years. I really hate taking this to an open and public forum as that leads to cycle of shame and recrimination that will only hinder this process more. But I feel that I am out of options. I was generous and patient with Mr Harris (Some say to a fault). Only after KH stopped responding to my attempts to contact him did I log a complaint with Paypal in an attempt to get the money I sent returned. However since so much time had passed since the original payment, Paypal informed me that they would not assist me, and advised that I resolve it personally.

As a freelance artist - I can understand what this is like. You take a job, and fall behind. Maybe it's an accident. Maybe it's unavoidable. But whatever the cause, the job just sits in a corner, long overdue. So much so that it become this albatross around your neck. To hand over the work now - so late - would be embarrassing. It's better to just ignore it and hope the interested party gives up and wanders off.

But I'm not wandering off. I still want that cool brassy microphone I paid him for. If anyone out there has the means of talking to Mr. Harris - please help us resolve this impasse

- Cheyenne Wright