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The Dreamer's Thread Ep 1

I'm reading for two characters in a new serialized podcast novel. The first part is "Stephen" a grungy Seattle rocker - and the other is "King Cyrus", the Lord of Dreams. SpooOOoky.

Here is the pitch...

The Dreamer's Thread - A Novel by Starla Huchton

Tattoo artist Aura Mayville, is ripped from her life of art and music and thrust into a realm where good and evil struggle for control over the minds and hearts of men.

With a sarcastic sorcerer, a mercenary, and her Spirit Guide as her only companions, Aura must journey through the dream realm to discover both her power and where her heart truly lies. In a place where anything is possible, can she find the strength to hold on to herself, or will she be lost to the shadows forever?

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