The Art of Cheyenne Wright


-- A Feast for Pies --

... First there was Turkey and all was good. But mankind was not satisfied with mere roasted bird. We transgressed against the natural order, we played God with our jellied cranberries and salmonella ridden stuffing. Those with cooler heads tried to warn our brothers and sisters about the dangers of deep fryers or the horrible blasphemy "Turkducken". But our pleas fell on deaf ears. Then came the Turkpocolypse. So much pain, so much stuffing. ... 

FRIDAY - NOVEMBER 28th (the day AFTER Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and togetherness. When you are sick of all that -- ditch 'em and come help this sad little orphan celebrate yet another marathon showing of the greatest puppet show in the history of television.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

I have made a tradition out of hosting a MST3K marathon every Thanksgiving since the original comedy central "TURKEY DAY" marathons way back in 1992. -- but I always get an empty feeling when I watch it alone. So now I try to gather as many friends as I can to watch it with me. 

MOVIE SIGN starts at Noon and goes as long as there are people to watch it with me. Punch, Pie, and Weird Party Games will be provided as needed - any additional food-snacks you may require should be brought by you. 

No one who shows up is expected to stay for the whole thing. As in life, people will drift in and out - and sometimes even come back for a second go, after settling various karmic (and/or family) obligations. 

To fill the lull between seasons of Game of Thrones I will be trying to program a set of d-grade fantasy themed RIFFTRAX including The Sword and the Sorcerer, Jack the Giant Slayer, 

Culminating in the Rifftrax of Hawk the Slayer - Described as "If you took a Dungeons & Dragons adventure written hastily by an 8th grader during study hall" Starring the guy that played Jacks dad on Lost, and the whisper-stylings of Jack Palance as the evil Voltan.

As this is a freeform event, I can't give an exact Movie Sign time for that - but I'll probably start sometime around 6pm.

I am aware that many folks will have their own plans for that weekend, and others who would love to attend but live nowhere near my spacious Seattle home -- To them I encourage you to adopt the spirit of the day...

  1. Stay home from the mall!
  2. Bloat yourself on pie!
  3. Watch MST3K all night till your eyes bleed!

If you can be in Seattle and would like to attend please RSVP for directions