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Mur Lafferty's Heaven


I've been working on a side project with author Mur LaffertyMur's much lauded Afterlife Series is about to see it's first paper print edition, and as part of the production we dusted off an old idea I've been kicking around to do a set of old time luggage labels for the book. Here are some peeks at two of them.


I hope to do more such labels in the future - expanding into other universes *cough* Girl Genius *cough*

The Exclusive FAUST Kickstarter badge

Here is a look at the exclusive FAUST kickstarter badge which will only be available to the folks that pitched in $24 dollars or more to the

Machination Project

before the deadline - which at the time that I write this is in 42 hours (Sunday, March 6 @ 5:08pm).


We are trying to hit $1000 over our goal - doing so will let us release the game on both the iPad and Android devices at the same time.

The badge will be made of a silvery metal (Zinc actually) with a dark and ominous black enamel color fill. Once the deadline arrives there will be NO OTHER WAY to get this version of the badge. I will make only enough to fill the

Kickstarter pledges


Don't miss out!